The Dual Nature of Social Media | Connection and Toxicity

The Dual Nature of Social Media | Connection and Toxicity

About this episode: In this thought-provoking conversation with Angie Moody, founder and CEO of Ruby Money, we discuss the complex world of social media. From its impact on our daily lives and mental health to finding a balance between connection and consumption, Angie shares her insights on navigating social media responsibly. With a background at … Read more

Instagram Can Lead to Great Relationships

Instagram Can Lead to Great Relationships | Instagram Marketing Agency

Instagram can lead to new and exciting opportunities for you and your business. In this Content Matterz episode, Zachary Hooks and Eric Kasimov discuss how their relationship was built and has grown through Instagram. In fact, this relationship all started with our SportsEpreneur Instagram account. Instagram is just one of the many tools that can lead … Read more

Are You Paying Attention?

Are You Paying Attention? | Social Media Attention

Social media gives you great insights into the people you communicate with–if you are paying attention. An article about social media attention. It’s true that social media can drive you crazy. There’s just so much of it—if social media is part of your job, it can feel like you’re on the clock all the time. … Read more

Marketing Work We’re Proud Of

We love helping business leaders market their companies. Whether we are telling their stories, strategizing about social media, or creating websites, to us it is good business. Let us give you a few examples of our marketing work: Branding a Small Business Advocate and Communicator Cynthia Kay is a small business leader who works with … Read more

Are You a Social Media Pretender?

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you a social media pretender when it comes to business?  You say you’re on social media, but you’re not, are you? I’ve seen it before. My business partners have seen it. The people I talk with about marketing, they’ve seen it, the broken links, the lost opportunities, … Read more

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content | Kiawah Island, SC | KazCM | Charlotte Marketing Co

We need more small businesses creating content. Every business can create content. We create content for a lot of people, from insurance companies to t-shirt companies, keynote speakers to roofers. Everyone has a story to tell if you just think about it enough. It’s not that telling stories generates sales directly, but it does lead … Read more

Entrepreneur Perspectives Podcast Clip: Get Discovered

The way you can be discovered in business is much like the way you can be found in baseball.

Professional baseball player, Dean Jackson, was recently on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. Dean gave us his thoughts on how the game of baseball has changed when it comes to being discovered.

Much like it has in business–with social media.

This audio video is from our recent “Entrepreneur Perspectives” Podcast, Episode 30: Perspectives of a Professional Baseball Player with Dean Jackson.

This clip features our guest, Dean Jackson discussing how a baseball player can take advantage of his own home and online tools to be found by a baseball scout.


You can hear the entire podcast at Entrepreneur Perspectives.


Header image by willowbrookhotels using Creative Commons 2.0 via Flickr

Create Unique Content | The Insurance Policy for Your Business

Create Unique Content | The Insurance Policy for Your Business | KazCM | Lake Lure, NC

A new way to insure your business is to create unique content Let’s take this concept of insuring your business with unique content to the example of insurance agents. Yes, insurance agents can insure their business with unique content. We would know because at KazSource, Inc we have an insurance brand. What do health insurance … Read more

3 Ways to Stand Out at the High Point Market

The High Point Market in High Point, NC is filled with opportunity The High Point Market ( is the largest furnishings industry trade show in the world. Twice a year, this event brings over 75,000 people to High Point, North Carolina. We’re talking interior designers, architects, home furnishings buyers, and other people in the furnishing … Read more

Create Content for Your Business Around Your Unique Interests

Have you ever thought about creating a blog, podcast, video series, or several social media posts based around your passion and then connecting it into your business. For example, within KazSource we have done this by creating a blog using sports to write about entrepreneurialism (SportsEpreneur). SportsEpreneur becomes the content platform. People would rather read about sports and business/entrepreneurialism then say insurance—at … Read more