What is Native Content in Social Media and Why is it Important?

What is native content? Native content is content you post directly into a social media network, instead of simply posting a link. When users click on a link, they are automatically taken to a different website (say, your business website or YouTube) and most of them don’t come back. Not that day, anyway. They get … Read more

Will Your Brand be Discovered on Instagram

Instagram has now become one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s possible for your brand to be discovered on Instagram. As we discuss social media with people in general it is clear Instagram is a favorite. There are currently over 400 million active daily users and this show no signs of slowing … Read more

How Using Today’s Social Media Tools Can Lead to Big Business

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter–if the first thing that pops into your head is selfies, friends, and funny videos, you are using them all wrong, at least in the context of business development. Instead of thinking of social media as places to play or to kill time, think of these platforms as tools. They are a relatively … Read more

Why Use Instagram for Your Business

Business owners in professional services (think attorneys, CPA’s, real estate agents, consultants, insurance advisors, etc) keep asking, what ROI do I get on Instagram (also known as Insta or IG)? How can I make any money on Instagram? It’s a good question. When you look through Instagram, it’s easily noticed there is only one link … Read more

The 3 Best Social Media Networks for Professional Services Businesses in 2017

So, you want a social media presence? That’s smart…social media matters. But which social media network? You can’t fully commit yourself to all of them, there are just too many and there aren’t enough hours in the day to manage them. So, where are you going to invest your time and that of your employees? Which … Read more