Marketing Flexibility: The Frenemy to Consistency

Marketing Flexibility: The Frenemy to Consistency

Create flexibility in your marketing in 2021.  Planning ahead is important. It’s part of getting yourself organized, and it’s a crucial part of working with others. A contract is a plan. A business proposal is a plan. Plans get you on the same page with the person or people you are engaging with, and they … Read more

Podcast Strategy Matters

Podcast Strategy Matters | KazCM | Charlotte, NC Podcast Production

A Charlotte, North Carolina podcast production company has some thoughts on podcast strategy. So you are thinking you maybe, kind of, sort of, want to start a podcast. Seems like everybody’s saying you should—you’ve read blogs about the importance of podcasting (like this one), you’ve heard podcasts about it, you’ve even had other professionals come up and tell you “hey, … Read more

Here’s The Thing: This Stuff Works

Here’s The Thing: This Stuff Works | KazCM | Genuine Content Marketing

Take it from us, content marketing works.  “I need leads,” you say. “I need new clients. I need revenue.” To which I say, “welcome to the club!” Seriously, what business isn’t looking for new opportunities? The temptation is to develop an aggressive sales process to pull in as many new prospects as quickly as possible, … Read more

Stop Turning Your Employees into Masters of None

And Why Outsourcing Works I’ve noticed a trend in many small businesses lately—and it’s super concerning, even though these businesses themselves are having great success. They are growing, they have good people, they have plenty of work, and so they’re trying to expand what they do. Here’s a common small business trend… Let’s say the … Read more

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

OK, full disclosure; I own a marketing agency. But just because I’m biased doesn’t mean I’m wrong, and anyway, the topic of this article isn’t “Why You Should Hire My Marketing Agency.” I mean, maybe you should—if you like what we do, feel free to get in touch—but there are a lot of agencies out … Read more