The First Two Million

The First Two Million Podcasts | KazCM Podcast Production Company

Two million podcasts, and counting… Two million is not a big number. Alright, in some contexts, it is a big number. Two million would be a lot of listeners for a podcast, for example. But it’s actually the total number of podcasts, and that’s not a lot, as Fatima Zaidi, from Inc_Quill (on Twitter) showed … Read more


about content | Content Matterz Podcast by KazCM

When it comes to marketing, remember it’s ALL about CONTENT.  Creating content leads to conversations, connections, relationships, and more. It’s why influential individuals and thriving companies focus much of their marketing efforts on creating. Look at Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Tim Ferris. Look at Amazon, Spotify, Apple, Netflix. Look at John Deere, Red Bull, Disney, … Read more

Content Impact

Creating Content Makes an Impact

When you get comfortable sharing content, you’ll become aware of the content impact. We preach it often–creating content has many benefits. One of those benefits is the impact creating content can have on yourself and others. This is a lesson that struck Linh Podetti on her content creation journey. It’s not immediate and it’s not … Read more

Seeking Truth Through Content Creation

seeking truth through content creation

The “Truth Seekers” are seeking truth through content creation. Creating content in a genuine way leads to truth, understanding, and overall good quality content–for all involved. It’s why influential individuals like Joshua Greco started a podcast. It drives us a little crazy when the motivation behind someone considering starting a podcast or creating content is … Read more

The Benefits of Appearing on Podcasts

The Benefits of Appearing on Podcasts | Content Matterz Podcast Episode

Appearing on Podcasts is a Great Way to Showcase Your Expertise. In order to make an impact on others, you have to push. That’s why leaders like Bob Regnerus are so passionate about appearing on podcasts. Bob was a featured guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And now we are featuring a highlight of that … Read more

Content Is Leverage

Content is Leverage | Content Matterz podcast

Leverage content to create opportunities for your business.  Content is leverage. It’s why leaders like Brock Blake of Lendio appear on podcasts. Brock was a featured guest on our Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast. And now we are featuring a highlight of that conversation on a new episode of Content Matterz. In this Content Matterz episode, Brock … Read more

Content Creation At Its Core

Content Creation At Its Core

Why is content creation so important at its core?  Content creation is the ultimate form of communication. In this Content Matterz podcast episode, Eric Kasimov and PJ Taei discuss content creation, building relationships, and creating for those who care. The exposure and distribution of content is one of the best ways to learn more about … Read more

Content Brings People Together

content brings people together

No matter what we’re going through, thankfully, content brings people together. Entrepreneurs are all dealing with something. Either directly or indirectly. It may be business-related, it may be something happening today, or it may have something to do with health. In my family, my wife and two daughters have been diagnosed with Celiac disease. As … Read more

Stay in the Now with Podcasting

Stay in the Now with Podcasting | KazCM | Podcasting Conversation

An article about how having an incredible podcasting conversation can keep you in the now. Uncertainty, like we are all facing in the world today, brings anxiety. With anxiety comes looking backwards and forwards, which doesn’t help with focusing on the now. The now is all we have, so are there ways we can stay … Read more

Start a Podcast, Now

Start a Podcast, Now | Podcast Production Company | CLT North Carolina

Should you start a podcast? According to Nielsen and Edison reports put together on this 2020 MusicOomph infographic, 51% of Americans have listened to a podcast.  So the only question I have for you–if you are trying to maintain your clients and employees or build a new community of clients and employees for the future, … Read more