Brand Consistency Matters

brand consistency matters | KazCM branding company

Pay attention to your content and messaging because your brand consistency matters As we were building our content marketing agency, I realized one thing—how important an entrepreneur’s story is to the branding of their business. Every business owner has a unique story, whether it’s a “mom and pop” coffee shop in the town of Lake … Read more

SiteGround Review 2020 | What Engine Is Your Website Running

SiteGround Review 2020 | What Engine is Your Website Running? | Kaz

With many options for your web hosting, we give you — SiteGround Review 2020 As a content marketing firm, our clients depend on us to build their brands and oftentimes maintain it by managing their websites — which is why we are providing “SiteGround Review 2020”. Websites while showing obvious differences in their front-end design, … Read more

Here’s The Thing: This Stuff Works

Here’s The Thing: This Stuff Works | KazCM | Genuine Content Marketing

Take it from us, content marketing works.  “I need leads,” you say. “I need new clients. I need revenue.” To which I say, “welcome to the club!” Seriously, what business isn’t looking for new opportunities? The temptation is to develop an aggressive sales process to pull in as many new prospects as quickly as possible, … Read more

Content Marketing: 4 Reasons Why to Start with a Blog

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Recently, during meetings with those who are new to content marketing in Charlotte, NC I have been asked by them whether they should start with a blog, a series of videos, or a podcast. Of course, what are you good at is the number one factor. If creating and editing a video is what comes … Read more