Benefits of Professional Podcast Editing | Why You Should Invest in Podcast Production

Benefits of Professional Podcast Editing – Why Should You Invest in Professional Podcast Production Service

Nowadays, it’s hard to find a person who’s never heard of the word “podcast.” The podcasting industry has skyrocketed in the last several years, especially during the pandemic when, quite frankly, there wasn’t very much else to do. Podcasting has become an indirect marketing tool most companies now use to promote their business or products. … Read more

Are You Paying Attention?

Are You Paying Attention? | Social Media Attention

Social media gives you great insights into the people you communicate with–if you are paying attention. An article about social media attention. It’s true that social media can drive you crazy. There’s just so much of it—if social media is part of your job, it can feel like you’re on the clock all the time. … Read more

Want to Grow Your Business in 2019? Do This!

Do you genuinely want to grow your business in 2019? Really? Good—I’m glad to hear it. I want to help. But I’m not really the type to tell you what to do. That’s not my style. This is your business, and it’s your decision. I’d rather tell you about what I’ve seen, what worked, and what … Read more

Marketing Work We’re Proud Of

We love helping business leaders market their companies. Whether we are telling their stories, strategizing about social media, or creating websites, to us it is good business. Let us give you a few examples of our marketing work: Branding a Small Business Advocate and Communicator Cynthia Kay is a small business leader who works with … Read more

Are You a Social Media Pretender?

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you a social media pretender when it comes to business?  You say you’re on social media, but you’re not, are you? I’ve seen it before. My business partners have seen it. The people I talk with about marketing, they’ve seen it, the broken links, the lost opportunities, … Read more

Websites… Anything Can Happen, Anytime: Are You Prepared?

Websites have their issues, are you prepared to fix them?  Technology has issues—and it seems like these issues always arise when you least want them to. For example, on my birthday I walked into the office and discovered this. The image on the left is what our website should look like, but the image on … Read more

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content | Kiawah Island, SC | KazCM | Charlotte Marketing Co

We need more small businesses creating content. Every business can create content. We create content for a lot of people, from insurance companies to t-shirt companies, keynote speakers to roofers. Everyone has a story to tell if you just think about it enough. It’s not that telling stories generates sales directly, but it does lead … Read more

The Truest Form of Content Marketing

The truest form of content marketing gives I was reading a quasi-press release recently. It was from a marketing company talking about their relationship with a new client. It started off fine, as it talked about the other business—but it quickly turned. It wasn’t about the other business at all. It was self-promotion, nothing but … Read more

Being a Purple Cow Thanks to Seth Godin

Being a Purple Cow Thanks to Seth Godin | KazCM

Why we have a content marketing company at all has a lot to do with Seth Godin and his Purple Cow. One of my favorite mentors I’ve never met is Seth Godin. Businessman, author, speaker, thinker—a thinker who has a knack for seeing things that others don’t, and another knack for explaining what he saw … Read more

Create Unique Content | The Insurance Policy for Your Business

Create Unique Content | The Insurance Policy for Your Business | KazCM | Lake Lure, NC

A new way to insure your business is to create unique content Let’s take this concept of insuring your business with unique content to the example of insurance agents. Yes, insurance agents can insure their business with unique content. We would know because at KazSource, Inc we have an insurance brand. What do health insurance … Read more