3 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Boost Production Using Social Media

A while back, we talked about the “3 Ways Real Estate Agents Can Differentiate Themselves” through the creative use of blogging and social media. But social media platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook offer so many tools you can use to boost your activity, we figured it’s time to give you an update. 1. … Read more

This Simple Process Will Lead to Your Next Client

If you are solely focused on your current projects and current clients, you are not going to succeed long-term. This may seem counter-intuitive. Yes, it’s important to give your clients your attention (much of it in-fact). Everyone wants to feel like a priority, and giving good service means focusing on whom you are with and … Read more

“THEY” Said Facebook was for the Kids – Enter Snapchat

“THEY” Said Facebook was for the Kids - Enter Snapchat

Up until a few years ago, everyone said Facebook was for kids. They said, “I don’t get it.” Today, Facebook has almost 1.6 BILLION Monthly Active Users. Now go look at the “People You May Know” on Facebook. Yes, that’s your mother! Your aunt, your neighbors father?! And the Facebook momentum isn’t stopping. Enter Snapchat. … Read more