Are You a Social Media Pretender?

It’s time to be honest with yourself. Are you a social media pretender when it comes to business?  You say you’re on social media, but you’re not, are you? I’ve seen it before. My business partners have seen it. The people I talk with about marketing, they’ve seen it, the broken links, the lost opportunities, … Read more

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content

7 Ideas for Small Businesses Creating Content | Kiawah Island, SC | KazCM | Charlotte Marketing Co

We need more small businesses creating content. Every business can create content. We create content for a lot of people, from insurance companies to t-shirt companies, keynote speakers to roofers. Everyone has a story to tell if you just think about it enough. It’s not that telling stories generates sales directly, but it does lead … Read more

10 Hacks to Increase Your Twitter Following the Right Way

Twitter is the social media platform that allows for the most back and forth conversation. While Twitter has its issues from spammers, too much noise and bad content, it thrives in the cocktail party sense. It’s even a place you can engage others from other platforms. For example, you can find a business on Instagram … Read more

How Using Today’s Social Media Tools Can Lead to Big Business

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter–if the first thing that pops into your head is selfies, friends, and funny videos, you are using them all wrong, at least in the context of business development. Instead of thinking of social media as places to play or to kill time, think of these platforms as tools. They are a relatively … Read more

How to Get Started With Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing takes time and patience. It’s also frustrating if you are not sure the best way to manage your social media networks. There are new social media apps entering the market and each social media company seems to change their platform and algorithm daily. Yet you realize you need your business to be … Read more

The 3 Most Misused Social Media Networks in Business

“Social media” is almost a buzzword these days and these platforms are how most people now communicate online. But the fact that people are communicating is no proof that they’re doing so well. In fact, lots of people aren’t. The key thing to remember is that there are multiple social media networks and each one … Read more