SiteGround Review 2020 | What Engine Is Your Website Running

With many options for your web hosting, we give you — SiteGround Review 2020 As a content marketing firm, our clients depend on us to build their brands and oftentimes maintain it by managing their websites — which is why we are providing “SiteGround Review 2020”. Websites while showing obvious differences in their front-end design, … Read more

Stop Turning Your Employees into Masters of None

And Why Outsourcing Works I’ve noticed a trend in many small businesses lately—and it’s super concerning, even though these businesses themselves are having great success. They are growing, they have good people, they have plenty of work, and so they’re trying to expand what they do. Here’s a common small business trend… Let’s say the … Read more

Why You Should Hire a Marketing Agency

OK, full disclosure; I own a marketing agency. But just because I’m biased doesn’t mean I’m wrong, and anyway, the topic of this article isn’t “Why You Should Hire My Marketing Agency.” I mean, maybe you should—if you like what we do, feel free to get in touch—but there are a lot of agencies out … Read more

Marketing Work We’re Proud Of

We love helping business leaders market their companies. Whether we are telling their stories, strategizing about social media, or creating websites, to us it is good business. Let us give you a few examples of our marketing work: Branding a Small Business Advocate and Communicator Cynthia Kay is a small business leader who works with … Read more

Websites… Anything Can Happen, Anytime: Are You Prepared?

Websites have their issues, are you prepared to fix them?  Technology has issues—and it seems like these issues always arise when you least want them to. For example, on my birthday I walked into the office and discovered this. The image on the left is what our website should look like, but the image on … Read more

The Truest Form of Content Marketing

The truest form of content marketing gives I was reading a quasi-press release recently. It was from a marketing company talking about their relationship with a new client. It started off fine, as it talked about the other business—but it quickly turned. It wasn’t about the other business at all. It was self-promotion, nothing but … Read more

How to Get LinkedIn Connections To Your Website

Give your audience the opportunity to visit your website utilizing your LinkedIn Connections LinkedIn is one of the hottest professional networking platforms. While it is a great way to meet and interact with people, it can be difficult to have your connections click over to your website. Perhaps you want to show them more—a product, a service, … Read more

Create Content for Your Business Around Your Unique Interests

Have you ever thought about creating a blog, podcast, video series, or several social media posts based around your passion and then connecting it into your business. For example, within KazSource we have done this by creating a blog using sports to write about entrepreneurialism (SportsEpreneur). SportsEpreneur becomes the content platform. People would rather read about sports and business/entrepreneurialism then say insurance—at … Read more

2 Obstacles You Must Overcome for a Successful Blog

No matter what you’re trying to do, obstacles arise. The successful people anticipate these challenges and plan ahead properly, whether the goal (and its obstacles) is large or small. In content marketing, we see two major issues getting in the way again and again: the challenge of producing clean, well-written copy; and the challenge of … Read more