On Heroes

On Heroes | Writing Heroes That Is

“On Heroes, Writing Heroes That Is” is an article by our editor, Caroline Ailanthus Hello, all, Eric’s editor here! But as you may (or may not) know, I’m not just an editor, I’m also a writer. I have blogs and novels and so forth (including a new novel coming out in March), as well as … Read more

Why Read? Why Write? | From the Editor

Why Read? Why Write?

I’m scared of needles. Not fainting-from-fear scared, but definitely unjustified anxiety scared. See, I know perfectly well that it’s only a little stick, not really all that much pain, but when I’m sitting in a doctor’s office or wherever, and a needle is on its way to my skin, that needle seems to get bigger … Read more

Stream of Consciousness: TikTok

TikTok | Stream of Consciousness | by KazCM, Content Production

“TikTok.” I said it, and the Zoom room gave that awkward giggle that means yeah, not here! Granted, this was a “corporate” room. Very rarely do people throw around words like TikTok in places like that. I did. Let me tell you why. There are two sides to TikTok. One side is China. All social … Read more