Why Content Matters | Your Content Will Remain When You Die

Why Content Matters | Your Content Will Remain When You Die

This Why Content Matters piece is a content gift from our guest, Charlie Westerman Everyone dies We are all going to die one day. It’s a thought that not many people enjoy. However, it is an important fact of life. When we die, what will remain? Most people would answer memories. People will remember our … Read more

For Those Who Care

Entrepreneurial Content | For Those Who Care | KazCM Content Marketing

The content lives inside of you. We’re here to help you bring it out — your entrepreneurial content. We help the entrepreneur tell their own story to those who care. There are so many stories to be told. Some are heartfelt, some are inspiring, some lead by example. Some are specific, some are anecdotal, some … Read more

Stop Turning Your Employees into Masters of None

And Why Outsourcing Works I’ve noticed a trend in many small businesses lately—and it’s super concerning, even though these businesses themselves are having great success. They are growing, they have good people, they have plenty of work, and so they’re trying to expand what they do. Here’s a common small business trend… Let’s say the … Read more

Want to Grow Your Business in 2019? Do This!

Do you genuinely want to grow your business in 2019? Really? Good—I’m glad to hear it. I want to help. But I’m not really the type to tell you what to do. That’s not my style. This is your business, and it’s your decision. I’d rather tell you about what I’ve seen, what worked, and what … Read more

Collaboration Time #2

Collaboration time is key!   As you know from this post “Collaboration Time #1”, at KazSource, we love assisting other entrepreneurs in creating new content. We do this within their niche, their stories, and their uniqueness. From there we love sharing the content — for people like you to discover the great stuff other business owners are doing. Yes, these … Read more