Content Marketing and Social Media Services for Your Business

Most entrepreneurs need help communicating their story, so that’s what we do–content creation and content distribution.

We offer you the same techniques that have worked for us.

We start with genuine content marketing, which includes storytelling, knowledge sharing, thought leadership, and branding through blogs, podcasts, videos, social media, and personal engagement.

This leads to opportunities and relationships for you and your business.

What else do you get?

A content platform asset that will serve you now and in the future as your industry changes.

Why do we do this?

Because at KazCM, we exist to help entrepreneurs build a meaningful legacy that is worth living and leaving.

Want to learn more? Let’s chat.

Eric Kasimov

The Content Creator

An entrepreneur in the truest sense, Eric started KazSource and all its sub-brands with the idea of building something to grab the attention of other entrepreneurs. You call this work, but Eric calls it play. Coming up with ideas, helping other businesses, and creating content for those who care, what’s not to enjoy? Reading, writing, listening, sharing, for his company and for yours. Eric is Buffalo-born and raised, College of Charleston educated, and long Charlotte, NC. If he could buy stocks in cities, he would be all-in on the Queen City. CLT -- the home of KazCM.

Shane Snively

The Strategy Addict

Whiteboard, chalkboard, Surface Pro, a piece of paper—that’s where you will find Shane, strategizing. He enjoys it, whether he’s strategizing for his business or for yours. He has seen it all and if he hasn’t seen it he will learn about it. Maybe we should call him The Learning Addict? Anyway, that’s Shane. Oh, and he loves his Buckeyes, and he’s still loyal to his dad’s favorite team too, the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Scott Upton
Project Manager

The Techie

We are a tech company—and Scott is a main reason why.  Ask him to get you to Mars, and he‘ll probably do it. Websites, coding, software, he understands all of it! On the weekends, you’ll find him in the garden, or maybe on a hike, but he does put up with a bunch of sports nuts quite well. He does a mean barbecue, and he can handle any kind of project you need done. Project? Did someone say project?! There he goes, working again!

Mitch Ford
Marketing Sales Associate

The Coach

Coach, Learner, & Communicator. When there is a chance to share knowledge and give insight, you'll truly see Mitch in his element. Whether it is a podcast, speech, or motivational video, Mitch is always trying to grow his skills and learn from others. His favorite show is Shark Tank... It makes sense being a marketing and entrepreneurship nerd. He is a lifelong NBA fan and has held jobs with the Charlotte Hornets and Dallas Mavericks. Send Mitch a request on LinkedIn and get to know him. oh... and Go Bills! #billsmafia

Rudy Redmond
Account Rep

The Methodical

He’s a track star in the hurdles, of course he’s methodical. Try to sprint as fast as you can with hurdles in your way and you will fall flat, probably literally. Take your time, approach each obstacle with care and attention, and you’ll win the race. That’s who Rudy is. A Michigan man, a Lions fan, and a Pistons enthusiast….Heck, he’ll enjoy any game, any sport, any time.

Caroline Ailanthus

The Word Smith

Caroline is our editor. When she’s not writing her own blogs and novels, she’s helping us say what we want, only better. She’s happy to help you get your words in order, too. She even has a couple of super powers! For example, she can improve the flow and readability of text on virtually any subject, even if she has no idea what that subject’s about. That’s how she’s been a valued member of our team for years now, even though she still wants to know what a quarterback is a quarter of.