What Is Content Marketing

What Is Content Marketing

What is genuine content marketing?

Let us answer that by telling you what it’s not.

It’s not spamming someone on social media, telling them how great you are and asking them to buy.

It’s not creating a funnel to prompt prospects to join a webinar, then buy a book, then take a class, then become a client.

It’s not being able to convince people you are good at what you do when you aren’t.

Basically, it’s not lying, it’s not deceitful, it’s not disingenuous.

It’s none of those things.

It’s genuine.

You mean everything you say, you believe everything you say.

Your message comes from the heart and the head—and it helps the recipient in some way.

Maybe it’s informational, educational, entertaining.

It grabs the attention.

You earn trust first—and then, sure, you can engage in a sale.

Because you know in your heart of hearts, your message will benefit the person on the other end of the content.

That’s genuine content marketing. And that’s what content marketing is.

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