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Why All This Content?

In this episode of Content Matterz, Dr. Erik Korem joins host Eric Kasimov to examine the new age-old question: Why all this content? From starting podcasts to making podcast guest appearances, the drive to serve audiences and share impactful stories remains a compelling motivation.

Have you ever considered what pushes someone to produce seemingly endless content? Is it the influence? The outreach? Or something more personal? How about this: When you realize that your voice and stories can bring hope and change to someone else’s life, content suddenly becomes more than just words.

Key points from Why All This Content?:

  1. Content serves as a medium to reach and benefit audiences.
  2. Discovering your unique voice and what resonates with listeners is a journey.
  3. Random messages from audience members can be a profound source of motivation.
  4. Guest appearances on other podcasts broaden perspectives and enhance learning.
  5. Content creation is seen as a long-term journey, lasting well into the future.
  6. The role of a creator can evolve, from an active doer to a curator, but the intent remains – to make an impact.

For some perspective, consider this:

As of January 2023, there were at least 3.02 million podcasts. While this might seem substantial, when you compare it to the population of Los Angeles (around 4 million), you quickly grasp that in the grand spectrum of voices and stories, there’s so much room for new narratives. Yours included. Let’s discuss that further… contact us here.


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Wrap Up:
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