Why are we shouting podcast | Eric Kasimov and Jill Salzman

Why We Doubled Down on Content Creation on the Why Are We Shouting Podcast

The Why Are We Shouting Podcast is a narrative style show with Jill Salzman. In this episode of her podcast, Jill asks Eric Kasimov about the moment he decided to double down on the content creation business.

Eric tells his story about when he decided to “double-down” on the content creation business and why he uses that situation to help others, himself, and those within his company.

KazSource Founder and CEO, Eric Kasimov, chats with Jill Salzman, host of the “Why Are We Shouting?” podcast. Listen below.

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Business isn’t supposed to get personal. Business is business, they say, and we’re supposed to keep our personal lives out of it. But can we? More importantly, should we? 

In this episode, Jill chats with 3 colleagues to find out just how personal business can get. She speaks to business guru Melissa Ford, KazSource founder and podcast host Eric Kasimov, and social media speaker and course author, Marki Lemons-Ryhal. What they reveal may very well surprise you.

Jill is a serial entrepreneur and founder of The Founding Moms, “the world’s first and only global collective of offline masterminds and online resources for mom entrepreneurs”.

And if that’s not enough, we featured Jill on episode 122 of the Entrepreneur Perspectives podcast, titled “Mom Entrepreneurs are the Best“. As you will find throughout Jill’s content, she is an inspiration to moms all over the world.


We think content creation is where you should spend your marketing time. Here’s more content for you on that topic.


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