Why Content Matters | Your Content Will Remain When You Die

Why Content Matters | Your Content Will Remain When You Die

This Why Content Matters piece is a content gift from our guest, Charlie Westerman

Everyone dies

We are all going to die one day. It’s a thought that not many people enjoy. However, it is an important fact of life.

When we die, what will remain? Most people would answer memories. People will remember our experiences together, shared conversations, working together on ideas, etc. The memories of those who knew us will live on after we are gone. In the modern world, I believe those memories can be far less distant.

You will never be able to replace someone’s presence, but the content that we produce while we are living serves as a symbol of the immortality of the spirit. Missions that we were not able to live out can become missions for the next generation to fulfill. Think about all of the history books available. Our lives are guided mostly by the ideas of people who came before us.

What we leave behind

When you attend a wake, it’s normal to see pictures of the now-deceased person everywhere. It serves as a great reminder of who the person was.

In today’s age, we can do better than just pictures. What did you stand for? Who was your inspiration? Where did you want to leave your mark?

You could post something today that could be read at your funeral. That’s powerful. There will be no confusion as to what you believed at the time you posted. We can’t get that from a picture.

Examples of memorable content

I recently watched Kanye West’s documentary on Netflix. I was blown away by some of the footage that there was from Kanye’s rise to fame. People love the “hero’s journey”. It’s a joy for people to see each other overcome their personal dragons. It invokes something moving within us.

Kanye is still alive, though. When Kobe Bryant passed away, I know that I was not the only person who looked up some of his old highlight reels and interview clips. I never met Kobe, but I got to reminisce over what it felt like to watch him play/speak again.

Conclusion on Why Content Matters

We can have this effect on people with what we share with the world. Even something that may seem neglected by most could be the exact thing that one person needed to read or hear. It might change the way that they view the world. They’ll remember you for that at your funeral.

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