Why Use Instagram for Your Business

Business owners in professional services (think attorneys, CPA’s, real estate agents, consultants, insurance advisors, etc) keep asking, what ROI do I get on Instagram (also known as Insta or IG)? How can I make any money on Instagram? It’s a good question.

When you look through Instagram, it’s easily noticed there is only one link out of Instagram (and that is in the profile–although Instagram Stories will soon offer links for all, not just verified accounts). Within an image post/caption, links are not clickable. While there are ways to message (there’s a way to make connections) or to receive a call (another way–more passive, but it’s something), it’s not the easiest platform to drive sales.

In business, while ROI is always a hot topic, it’s not always about the ROI. But there is absolutely branding opportunities within Instagram. Images are at the heart of Instagram. And images can drive engagement that leads to curiosity and interest.

In a recent survey it was found that 60% of Instagram users say they have learned about a product or service on the IG platform.

That is a large number of people that are finding out about new businesses on Instagram. Maybe they don’t buy right away, but how many of you are selling a product that is bought upon first sight? People need to get comfortable with the product, service and business. After learning about business through say an Insta search they may see you again on another social network or perhaps some engagement happens within Instagram.

Either way, people are finding out about businesses on Instagram–it might as well be your business.