Why You Need To Tell a Story in Business

Stories create connections between people and people are the integral part of any business. Previously, Mitch Long wrote about how these stories often become muted or forgotten when a business loses its heart. In doing so, there becomes a fixation on the critical nature of processes and procedures to build the business. With this shift of focus, they don’t see that processes and procedures are useless without an audience and without the right clients. In the middle of this, the crux is the story and the story is what will keep you relevant as your business forges ahead.

To drive this point home we are going to allow the NSBA Podcast to do some talking. Jared Nichols, a futurist and strategic forethought leader, from the Jared Nichols Group interviews Cynthia Kay from Cynthia Kay and Company about why your business story matters. This thirty-minute podcast will have you excited to continue or to start creating your own story. Check it out HERE.

After listening to the podcast, you may be asking how to begin the process of telling your unique story? Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What is unique about me? It could be where you are from, how you started, the product you sell, an interest you have, what you do outside of work.
  2. What can you offer to someone else that they would find valuable? Think about business advice you could share, employment opportunities, financial advice, or even thought leadership.
  3. Who can you contact that can help you with this process of telling your story?

Tell a story.