Will Your Brand be Discovered on Instagram

Instagram has now become one of the most popular social media platforms and it’s possible for your brand to be discovered on Instagram. As we discuss social media with people in general it is clear Instagram is a favorite. There are currently over 400 million active daily users and this show no signs of slowing down. Do you have an Instagram account, yet?

The platform is structured something like a simplified version of Facebook (which owns Instagram). You have a profile and a news feed, you follow or are followed by other users, and you can like, comment, and send private messages. The big difference is the pictures.

The reason Instagram has become so popular so quickly—and the reason the service is so important for marketing—is that it is designed specifically for visual sharing (pictures and short videos). Images are evocative in a way simple text is not, and they communicate so much more. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and that is sometimes literally true; try describing an image thoroughly, and you could end up using a thousand words. Pictures are literally eye-catching. If you want to connect to potential clients quickly and powerfully, if you want to really put who you are and what you’re about out there, pictures are the way to do that.

And Instagram is the way to do pictures.

Of course, there is an art to using Instagram well. For example, if you create a consistent look by using the same filters for all of your content, you’ll be more recognizable to other users scrolling by. People will be more likely to notice your content and engage with it.

However, don’t treat Instagram like just another version of Facebook or Twitter, as if all social media platforms were the same. Get to know Instagram through your own personal account first, before creating your business’ account. That way, you’ll learn how to use the platform’s features and tools and understand what makes it distinct. Or hire a content marketing company or person to do this for you. Either way, the key is to develop a specific role or mission for your business’ Instagram account that fits within your overall social media strategy.

As Instagram continues to grow, more and more people will find out about brands through this platform. Will your brand be one of them?