The Worst Case Scenario of Creating Content

When making a difficult decision, I like to ask myself what the worst-case scenario is. Try it; next time you’re trying to figure out whether to do a thing, imagine what the worst possible outcome of doing that thing could be? If you can live with that worst-case scenario, then proceed forward. If you can’t, re-think it. It’s a handy way to put your options in perspective.

Many people are considering whether to create content. It’s a tough decision. After all, creating content does cost time and money, and it’s hard to measure your success. Sure, people like me say that good content will help drive more business, but clients almost never say “I’m here because of your online content!”

Is content really worth everything we say it is?

It’s a fair question. We’ve discussed how business has changed. We’ve talked about buying and selling time, and we’ve given you a detailed look behind the scenes of one of our stories. We’ve been very clear that creating content is absolutely the now and the future. But, you may be wondering, what if we’re out to lunch?

Fine—what’s the worst-case scenario?

The worst possibility here is that you have invested time and money and only documented your thoughts and your unique journey for your team and your family, (and anyone else) to see.

If you ask me, that’s a pretty good worst case scenario.