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Writing Is Cathartic

In this episode of Content Matterz, guest speaker Chris Heivly, and host Eric Kasimov provide insights into writing books, the creative process behind content development, and sharing your story through any medium.

What if you wrote the book for your family? What if you produce a podcast for your team? What if you created a blog for your kids? Or what if you did it for yourself? Here’s what to remember or learn from this episode: writing is cathartic.

Or as Chris Heivly says, “Share your damn stories”.

Key points from Writing Is Cathartic:

  • Writing a book requires dedication and perseverance.
  • Self-publishing has made book publishing more accessible.
  • Overcoming fear of criticism and rejection.
  • Writing a book can be a fulfilling and cathartic experience.
  • Taking risks leads to a richer and fuller life.
  • Media appearances offer opportunities for meaningful connections.
Oh and by the way, not everyone has a podcast:

As of January 2023, there were at least 3.02 million podcasts. That sounds like a lot, but when you consider there are over 2 billion active users on Instagram alone, you realize 3 million is actually not a lot. There’s plenty of room for new podcasts. Your podcast. Let’s talk about it… contact us here.


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