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“You Should Have a Podcast”

There’s a lot of things that have momentum in media, marketing, and business, from Netflix to the iPhone to Legos to Podcasts. Yes. Podcasts.

The thing with podcasts is in a way, they’ve been around a long time. Remember radio? So it’s not like audio is something new. It’s just that now listeners can access a show anytime and anywhere they want, instead of according to schedule and inside a broadcast network.

Podcasts are easy to consume, they are on demand, and anyone can create one. That last part, about anyone creating one, might be a mixed blessing. Too much of a thing isn’t necessarily a good thing. But if you have a story or something to share and can do it through audio, you should have a podcast.

I’ve written about podcasting a few times now. You can read those here and here. We even have our own podcast production brand. It’s called PodKaz. You should check it out. We’d love to help you get started.

Because… You should have a podcast.

In these podcast episodes below, we get into why people have digital audio files available on the internet. There are lots of reasons, from client acquisition, to legacy, to recruiting, to brand awareness.

Perspectives on Starting a Podcast with Michael Elkins

Perspectives from a Creative Content Marketer with Katie Szabo

The bottom line is…You should have a podcast. I mean it. So much so that our marketing/podcast production company is looking for ten new business leaders and businesses to create and produce a podcast for right away.

Are you ready?

If you are…then let’s chat.

You should absolutely have a podcast.